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Navigation between the Caribbean islands requires customs and immigration procedures. The captain is responsible for these procedures. Passengers must have an up-to-date passport (generally it is requested to have a 6-month validity) and blank pages to stamp.

These procedures are mandatory before setting foot on land. Passengers must remain aboard the ship until the captain returns with the stamped passports.

Some nationalities require a visa application before the cruise. Check the customs agreements between your country and the country you intend to visit. As a general rule, the captain completes a customs clearance on departure (boat and passenger documents) which is requested upon arrival on the next island. Passengers therefore obtain a visa for their stay directly on site. These procedures make it possible to control maritime traffic. They are compulsory.

Skipper Jules takes care of all customs and immigration procedures.

It is reminded that taking abroad or bringing back to France more than 10 000 euros in cash or similar (bearer check, cash voucher, etc.) without declaring it to customs is prohibited (art. L152-1 French monetary and financial code) and liable to criminal sanctions.

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